The final standings are in, and the first round playoff matches are decided!

Team W L T Points
Innebandits 5 1 0 15
Unihackers 3 3 0 9
IBK Vikingarna 2 4 0 6
Cobra Kai FC 2 4 0 6

Since the Vikings and Cobra Kai were tied in the standings, the league tie breaker rules were invoked.

Tiebreak one is head to head: In their first meeting, The Vikings won 4-0. In their second meeting, Cobra Kai won 7-5.

Second tiebreak is total goal differential: The Vikings’ total goal differential is -4 (27 goals for, 31 goals against). Cobra Kai’s goal differential is 4 (18 goals for, 22 goals against)

Third tiebreak is total goals scored: The Vikings’ total goals scored is 27. Cobra Kai’s total goals scored is 18. Which means, after all this exhausting math, IBK Vikingarna is the 3rd seed.

The 5:15 game (2nd seed versus the 3rd seed) is Unihackers v. Vikings.

The 6:15 game (1st seed versus 4th seed) is Innebandits v. Cobra Kai.

See everyone on Sunday for what should be some exciting playoff floorball!