Fall 2016 Final

In what was probably the best finals Austin Floorball Club has ever experienced, The Vikings and the Blue team squared off for an epic fight for the Morris Trophy.

It stood at 6-6 at the end of regulation, and the 5 minute overtime saw a little bit of everything: great saves, a solid ping off a crossbar, and best of all, a shootout!

Still knotted at 6 after OT, both goalies (Mark Raup for the Vikings, Lee Payne for Blue) made 3 saves to keep the game tied. RJ Little finally broke the seal for Blue in round 4, and Lee Payne denied White Captain Johan Eriksson at the doorstep to seal the victory.

Congrats to the Blue team on a great season, a great playoff run, and most importantly, a great finals!

Regular Season Wrap Up!

And just like that, our 5 week regular season is over!

A few things of note to start with: Our regular season scoring champ (no surprise here) is: Steve Trobenter (Green)!

15 Steve Trobenter Green
10 Ryan McNair Blue
10 Trevor Colm Orange
10 Par Axelsson White
9 Kyle Teders White
8 Anders Eriksson White
7 Brenden Dean Blue
7 James Pelkey Blue
7 Jason Samuel White
5 Jerrod Wolfe Black
5 John Bowers Blue
5 Jack Bryant Red

Best passer goes to Anders Ericsson (Vikings):

8 Anders Eriksson White
5 Steve Trobenter Green
5 Johan Eriksson White
5 Kyle Teders White
4 Ethan Daum Orange
3 Alyssa Zinsser Blue
3 James Pelkey Blue
3 Max Hall Blue
3 RJ Little Blue
3 Eric Hickey Green
3 Pat Ortiz Orange
3 Trevor Colm Orange
3 Jared Colleps Red
3 Rob Vivirito Red
3 Par Axelsson White

Total points? Yeah, Captain Does Everthing Well Steve Trobenter (Green) again with 20 total points!

Week 5 Preview!

We’ve got a pretty incredible race to the finish line developing here, folks!

With one week left in the regular season, the standings look like this:

Team Wins Losses Ties
Blue 3 0 1 10
Vikings 3 0 1 10
Green 1 1 2 5
Orange 1 3 0 3
Red Tide 1 3 0 3
Black 1 3 0 3

This week’s schedule is here:

2/14 6:30 Orange Black
7:45 Red Green
8:45 White Blue

Here is a break down on Goal Differential from this league so far (more on why this is important below):

Goal Differential For Against Total GD
Blue 36 12 24
White 30 7 23
Green 22 21 1
Orange 16 23 -7
Red 9 22 -13
Black 9 30 -21

Tie Breakers Per League Rules

Tie Breakers:

1)  Head-to-head
2)  Total goal differential
3)  Total goals scored
4)  Coin flip

There are a bunch of possibilities for change, since we’ve got more than a few ties currently in game points.

1 & 2 Seed

1st and 2nd seed (and therefore a bye in the first week) are locked up, but Blue and The Vikings play Sunday to determine who claims which slot. They’re currently deadlocked with 10 points apiece. In the event of a tie, goal differential become the tie break since head to head solves nothing (they just tied), Blue takes the 1 seed (+24) and White takes 2 seed (+23).

3 Seed AKA The Big Mess

The race for 3rd seed is wide open, with Green being the only team that can win and seal the deal for themselves. A Green win puts them firmly in 3rd place with 8 points, and uncatchable by everyone below them.

A Red win throws everything in to chaos, with Red and the winner of Orange vs. Black tied for 3rd place. In this event, Orange beats Red (head to head, h2h) or Black beats Green (h2h)

A Green/Red tie leads to another tiebreak between the winner of Orange/Black and Green, both with 6 points. In the event of that, Green trumps Orange due to head to head (h2h) and Black trumps Green (also h2h) and takes 3rd place.


Blue and White playing for 1 seed (both with 10 points), winner take all. In the event of a tie, Blue takes 1 and White takes 2.

Green win gets them outright 3nd place.

Green and Red Tie: if Black beats Orange, Black is 3rd place, Green is 4th (due to head to head win for Black over Green). If Orange beats Black, Green is 3rd place, Orange is 4th (due to head to head win for Green over Orange).

A Green loss drops them to 5th seed. They cannot end up in 6th.

Whichever teams take a loss this week between Black, Red, and Orange head to head will decide who ranks where at the bottom.

Black beat: (none of the 3 teams here, and will have lost to Orange). A loss this week by Black guarantees the 6th seed.

Red beat: Black. So a Black and Red loss results in Red 5th and Black 6th.

Orange beat: Red. Orange is playing Black this week, so if Red and Orange both lose, Orange is the 5th seed and Red is the 6th due to head to head.

Confused? Me too.

Week 4 Recap!

The early game saw the Black (0-3-0) take on Green (1-0-2). The Black team, bolstered by newly signed addition Erik Rune and with an assist from Bryan “Kub” Ponder in net for usual goalie Chelsea, found their way in to the win column in a tightly fought match, 5-3!

Three Stars

Jerrod Wolfe (Black): 2 goals, Game Winning Goal

Steve Trobenter (Green) – 1 goal, 1 assist

Jeff Loskorn (Black) – 1 goal, First League Goal

The middle game pitted the Red Tide (1-2-0) against the Blue team (2-1-0).  Blue held on in another tightly contested match that involved a lot of penalty minutes late, temporarily jumping them in to the overall points lead for playoff seeding (with 10).

Three Stars

Ryan McNair (Blue) – 3 goals, 1 assist

Rob Vivirito (Red) – 2 goals

James Pelkey (Blue) – 2 goals, 2 assists

The late game matched up the improving Orange team taking on the Austin Vikings, who needed a win to stay even with Blue in the fight for first place heading to the playoffs. At the half, the score was tied 4-4, but the Vikings surged ahead in the second and won 8-4, tying them back  up with Blue in the standings.

Highlights from behind the Vikings net: https://youtu.be/INoQIa2KOIk

Three Stars

Anders Eriksson (Vikings) – 2 goals, 4 assists

Pat Ortiz (Orange) – 1 goal, 1 assist

Par Axelsson (White) – 2 goals, 2 assists

**Friendly reminder, there will be no games this coming Sunday (2/7) due to conflict with the Super Bowl. The final games of the regular season will be the following Sunday (2/14).**

2/14 6:30 Orange Black
7:45 Red Green
8:45 White Blue

Week 3 Recap!

The early game saw the Vikings (1-0-1) taking on the Red Tide (1-1-0). The Vikings jumped out to an early 4-0 lead and never looked back. Final score: 10-0 Vikings.

The middle game pitted the Orange (1-1-0) team against Green (0-0-2) . This game was a back and forth affair, with Orange pulling within 2 late in the second half before Green scored a few late insurance goals. Final score: 10-6 Green.

Highlights from behind the Green net: https://youtu.be/OOt2zmiUR1g

The late game was Blue (1-0-1) versus Black (0-2-0). Blue roared out to big lead early and kept on rolling. Final score: 13-2 Blue.

Stats are updated through week 3, and here are the current stat leaders:

Top 10 Goal Scorers

9 Steve Trobenter Green
7 Ryan McNair Blue
7 Trevor Colm Orange
6 Brenden Dean Blue
6 James Pelkey Blue
6 Kyle Teders White
6 Par Axelsson White
5 John Bowers Blue
4 Max Hall Blue
4 Anders Eriksson White
4 Jason Samuel White

Top 10 Assist Dishers

5 Johan Eriksson White
4 Steve Trobenter Green
4 Anders Eriksson White
4 Kyle Teders White
3 Alyssa Zinsser Blue
3 James Pelkey Blue
3 RJ Little Blue
3 Ethan Daum Orange
3 Rob Vivirito Red
2 Matthew Flynn Blue
2 Max Hall Blue
2 Adnan Raja Green
2 Kady Prunk Orange

Goalie Stuff

Andy Games Goals GAA
3 17 5.666666667
Bobby Games Played Goals GAA
3 17 5.666666667
Chelsea Games Played Goals GAA
3 27 9
Lee Games Played Goals GAA
3 10 3.333333333
Kub Games Played Goals GAA
2 21 10.5
Mark Games Played Goals GAA
2 0 0
Lee (total) Games Played Goals GAA
5 15 3

Some clips from Tuesday’s pickup game at Virginia Brown Rec Center!

Winter League is here!

Week 1

Oh snap! It’s week two at our new (and former) home at Austin Sports Arena, and we’ve had some wild ones already!

Week one started off with bang as the Blue team took it to Orange 11 – 1!

The second game of the evening was a tale of two halves: The Austin Vikings scored three goals in the first to stake themselves to a lead but couldn’t hold off the Green team’s furious comeback. Final score, tied at 3!

The late game was the Red Tide playing Black, with Red Tide prevailing 5-2.

Week 2

Week two started with the Austin Vikings (0-0-1) taking on the Black Team (0-1-0). The Vikings jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, winning 9-0.

The second game of the evening pitted the Blue Team (1-0-0) against the Green Team (0-0-1). This was a wild one, featuring several lead changes and Blue having to kill off a penalty as time expired to hold on. Final score, 7-7 tie!

The nightcap game featured the Orange Team (0-0-1) looking to bounce back against the undefeated Red Tide (1-0-0), and bounce back they did! Final score, 5-2 Orange!

Stay tuned for the full schedule (which should be released this week) and for some other features about the club and it’s members!

I’m hoping to be able to show a few clips from each game in the future, but here’s one I just snagged from the GoPro footage from Sunday night. Ryan “Teddybear” McNair scores a nasty powerplay goal for the Blue Team.

Player Spotlight: We’re baaaaack!

Back by popular demand, Austin Floorball Club’s Player Spotlight! He just left Austin after 10 months of terrorizing pickup and league, but he lives on in this week’s Player Spotlight… Petter Palmqvist!

More >

Fall League Champions!

Congratulations to the Black Knights for winning first place in a shootout after a high scoring tie game. The final score before shootout was 5-5.

The Warballers managed to win 3rd place in a shootout after another high scoring 6-6 tie.

Don’t forget to sign up for next season at http://floorballclub.com/

Summer League II Signups

Congratulations to the Black Knights for winning the Summer League I!

We’re taking a two week break before Summer League II starts up on August 18th and runs till October 20. Games are Sundays at 5:15pm and 6:15pm. No games Labor Day (September 1), Columbus Day (October 13).

Signup now at floorballclub.com.