Here is Austin Floorball Club’s second Player Spotlight. This week our featured player is Amy McElroy of the Innebandits!

Also, a little added bonus… VIDEO INTERVIEW! (with transcription below if you just want to read!)

Austin Floorball Club: So, Amy, this is the Austin Floorball Club’s Player Spotlight, and you’re the player of the week.  So, thank you for doing this little interview with us.  If you don’t mind, starting off, how old are you?

Amy McElroy: I am 26.

AFC: 26? And are you a native Austinite, or–?

Amy: I’m not. I’m originally from Texas—Lake Jackson—um, but I just moved back, um, January.

AFC: Ah, January this year?

Amy: Yes.

AFC: So, how long have you been playing floorball?

Amy: Well, this is technically my first official game, but I played floor hockey in [Washington,] DC for 5 years before this.

AFC: Ah, really?  I didn’t know DC had a floor hockey scene.

Amy: Yes, it’s huge there.

AFC: So, do you have your own stick yet? Or are you still using the club sticks?

Amy: I just ordered one on Friday.  So, hopefully it gets here by next game. [laughs]

AFC: What kind of stick did you get?

Amy: I have no idea.

AFC: [laughs]

Amy: It’s lefty, blue, for kind of beginners for floor hoc- for floorball.

AFC: Well, blue sticks are the best ones, obviously.

Amy: Yeah. [laughs]

AFC: So, yeah.  How did you discover Austin Floorball Club?

Amy: I, uh, Googled “floor hockey” and this came up, basically as the only option, [laughs] so, just checked it out.

AFC: And what made you want to try it out, or, like, come out to the first session?

Amy: Um, well, a way to meet people, one, and also just to get exercise and kind of replace what we did every weekend in DC, so…

AFC: And you came to a couple of the pickup sessions, right?

Amy: Yes.

AFC: Before you signed up for the league?

Amy: Yes.

AFC: So, what kept you coming back after the first time?

Amy: Um, honestly, I-I just really liked just the game of it. I thought, you know, it might be a little different than playing floor hockey, but I actually like it more.  Uh, the ball is lighter, the stick’s lighter, you get hit with the ball, it doesn’t leave a welting bruise, [laughs] so, I don’t know.  I just, I like the game.

AFC: Just the sweet red welt with, like, the holes in it—

Amy: Just a little bit, yeah.

AFC: So you can see the ball.

Amy: [Laughs]

AFC: Yeah! Now you, like, show people where you got hit, and everyone knows exactly what it looks like.

Amy: Mmhmm.

AFC: So, what are your impressions of the club so far and, like, the league?

Amy: Um, I mean, it’s very well organized, I would say.  Uh, I haven’t really met my whole team yet—my first game—but, so far, ah, the pickup games have been great every week.

AFC: Is there anything that you would change, like, as a newcomer?  Is there something that you wish were different?

Amy: Um, so far no. It’s pretty good.

AFC: And, ah, I mean, the pickup games are a little bit slower, a little bit easier, um, not quite as formal, so what made you want to take the leap from doing just, like, an informal Tuesday to, like, formal league on Sunday?

Amy: Um, more just the actual game aspect. You know, keeping score, and then the refs, and just that more of a game atmosphere, versus the scrimmage pickup.

AFC: You prefer the competition a little bit more?

Amy: I prefer, yeah, that. [laughs]

AFC: Good, badass. So, I mean, this is important ‘cause you are such a new, fresh player, and, like, you know, brand new on the scene, what would you tell other new people?  If you had one piece of advice, what would it be, to give somebody their first time out?

Amy: Gosh, I don’t know. Probably, um, you know, it’s-it’s a different sport you’ve never played before; it takes a bit of practice. I mean, I’ve played five years, but I still don’t think I’m that great.  But I still love playing. It’s one of those sports that you might not pick up immediately, but it’s still fun to play.

AFC: All right, and put you on the spot. Tell us one thing that we might not know about you. Anything at all.

Amy: Uh, gosh, I don’t know. I have no idea! [laughs] I’m really bad with that. Uh, I’m Republican. [laughs]

AFC: All right. Open Republican on the team!

Amy: There you go! [laughs]

AFC: We’ll see how that goes for you.

Amy: Yeah. [laughs]

AFC: But, uh, thank you very much for doing this and good luck in your game today!

Amy: Thanks.