6:45 Game

Summer League started off with a bang Sunday night.

The early game saw Cobra Kai facing off against White Lightning. The game was knotted at 3 at the half, but the Lightning leapt out to a 7-4 lead early in the 2nd. Cobra Kai came roaring back themselves though, and with pulled their goalie down 7-6 with 40 seconds to go. The Lightning D stood tall and held off the Cobra Kai onslaught, winning 7-6.

Highlights of the Game:

Lightning teammates Trevor “Captain Canada” Colm and Rob Vivirito notched 4 and 3 goals respectively to put their team in the W column. Trevor added 2 assists for a ridiculous 6 point game.

In his ever first league game, Cobra Kai member Bryan Racher notched 2 goals and an assist.

Local celebrity and Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player Jerrod Wolfe had a goal and an assist for Cobra Kai.

7:45 Game

The late game saw it’s fair share of fireworks as well. The Peanut Butter Players (PBP for short) and Blue Ballerz played to a 2-2 tie at the intermission in a half that saw a two penalties, a penalty shot, and all kinds of scoring chances. The game stayed tight all the way to the end. With the game tied at 4 with 10 seconds left, substitute goalie Lee Payne (also the captain of the White Lightning, but subbing for Bryan “Kub” Ponder) made a scrambling save, got up, and threw a desperation hail mary pass down the middle. The ball bounced shortly before mid court, through at least 4 pairs of legs, and found a wide open Kevin Hansel behind everyone. Kevin (who had already scored twice in the game) ran in, deked, and scored just before the clock expired for both a hat trick for himself and a thrilling 5-4 win for the PBP!

Highlights of the Game:

Kevin Hansel’s hat trick has to be the biggest one. Scoring three goals is hard enough, but to calmly come in and score like that as the clock ran out. Unbelievable.

Blue Baller Michael Beczak was only a goal away from the Jack Bryant Hat Trick(a goal, an assist, and a penalty) in his first ever floorball game.

Speaking of Jack Bryant, he scored the other two goals for the PBP.

Local oaf and captain of the Blue Ballerz Tomas Louda lucked his way in to two assists.