And just like that, our 5 week regular season is over!

A few things of note to start with: Our regular season scoring champ (no surprise here) is: Steve Trobenter (Green)!

15 Steve Trobenter Green
10 Ryan McNair Blue
10 Trevor Colm Orange
10 Par Axelsson White
9 Kyle Teders White
8 Anders Eriksson White
7 Brenden Dean Blue
7 James Pelkey Blue
7 Jason Samuel White
5 Jerrod Wolfe Black
5 John Bowers Blue
5 Jack Bryant Red

Best passer goes to Anders Ericsson (Vikings):

8 Anders Eriksson White
5 Steve Trobenter Green
5 Johan Eriksson White
5 Kyle Teders White
4 Ethan Daum Orange
3 Alyssa Zinsser Blue
3 James Pelkey Blue
3 Max Hall Blue
3 RJ Little Blue
3 Eric Hickey Green
3 Pat Ortiz Orange
3 Trevor Colm Orange
3 Jared Colleps Red
3 Rob Vivirito Red
3 Par Axelsson White

Total points? Yeah, Captain Does Everthing Well Steve Trobenter (Green) again with 20 total points!