Week two of the Spring Season saw the Innebandits take on the Unihackers in early action and Cobra Kai take on the arch-rival IBK Vikings in the late game.

Scoring chances came early to both teams in the second match of the season, as both the Innebandits and Unihackers netted a goal apiece within the first two minutes of play. Significant defensive lapses, as opposed to offensive firepower, provided for the central theme of the game, with odd-man rushes and failure to cover the backside post plaguing both teams throughout. Goals alternated Innebandits-Unihackers for a total of 3 each to end the first period.

The scoring blitz seemed to completely die out at the start of the second half.  Both sides jockeyed for possession, but were unable to convert their plays into points.  Frustration with the stalemate continued to mount until the physical play got out of hand. Innebandits’ Harrison Kass took a penalty for crosschecking with 13:55 remaining in the game. One minute after serving his penalty, Kass returned to the floor, where a few choice words and pushes were exchanged with Unihackers’ defenseman Dustin “Ducky” Johnson. After breaking his own stick with an axe-swing of a slash to Johnson, Kass was given a 5-minute major, a 10-minute game misconduct, and was ejected from the game.

lUnihackers tried to capitalize on the 7 minutes of powerplay, but even with the significant shift in momentum and peppering of Innebandits goalie Rob Larkin, they failed to score. Jason Samuel netted the fourth goal and game winner for Innebandits with 14 seconds left on the clock.  Russell Mitchell proved to be a bright spot throughout the game for the Unihackers, however, hustling relentlessly up and down the floor, breaking up a number of Innebandit attacks and scoring two goals in the process.  Adnan Raja’s offensive and defensive contributions to his team helped to keep the Unihackers at bay in the second period and secure the win.

Innebandits – 4
SOG – 20
Rob Larkin
Goal Harrison Kass - 20:57 1
Goal Adnan Raja Harrison Kass 19:36 1
Goal James Watson Mohammad Yassen 11:08 1
Penalty Adnan Raja 213 Hands 5:53 1
Penalty Harrison Kass 207 Incorrect pushing 13:55 2
Penalty Harrison Kass 301 Match penalty 1 10:54 2
Goal Jason Samuel Amy Jacks 0:14 2
Unihackers – 3
SOG – 22
Bryan Ponder
Goal Russell Mitchell Todd Geldon 20:02 1
Goal Russell Mitchell Tomas Louda 16:14 1
Penalty Norm Tran 207 Incorrect pushing 9:17 1
PP Goal Eric Hickey Dustin Johnson 5:35 1

Players of the Match:

Innebandits – Adnan Raja

Unihackers – Russell Mitchell

The second game of the evening was a defensive struggle until Erik Rune (Vikings) broke the ice ten minutes in. Cobra Kai responded with an offensive surge of their own with several good looks in the Vikings zone, but the Viking defense and goalie Lee Payne stood strong to withstand the early pressure. Robert Kleinman caught Cobra Kai netminder Brandee Gomez off-guard with a long shot from near the left boards with four minutes left in the first, and Cobra Kai limped in to the half facing a two-goal deficit.

Cobra Kai desperately needed some momentum going into the second half, but an early Anders Eriksson (Vikings) goal staked the Vikings to a near insurmountable lead. Anders scored again six minutes later to push the Viking lead to four, and all that was left in doubt was whether the Vikings’ shutout would hold up. Cobra Kai went on the powerplay shortly after Anders’ goal and generated several good chances, but again the Vikings defense and goaltending stood strong against the offensive pressure and killed off the penalty. Cobra Kai went on the powerplay again with a little under two minutes left in the game, but the Vikings proved up to the task one more time. When the clock hit zero, the score stood at 4-0, and Lee Payne’s shutout was preserved. Esteban Sandoval shone early and late in the game for the Cobra Kai Floorball club, generating several offensive opportunities in front of the Viking net, as well as playing sparkling defense along the boards time and time again, shutting down the Vikings offensive attack.

IBK Vikingarna – 4
SOG – 19
Lee Payne
Goal Erik Rune - 13:54 1
Goal Robert Kleinman David Ignacio 3:39 1
Goal Anders Eriksson Tyler Morrison 21:09 2
Goal Anders Eriksson Erik Rune 15:17 2
Penalty Jeff Morris 213 Hands 14:34 2
Penalty Anders Eriksson 213 Hands 1:53 2
Cobra Kai – 0
SOG – 10
Brandee Gomez

Players of the Match:

IBK Vikingarna – Lee Payne (Goalie)

Cobra Kai – Esteban Sandoval