Starting this season, Austin Floorball Club will present a new player interview each week in our “AFC Player Spotlight.”  Our goal is to get to know the players in the league a little better as well as to get their feedback on what we’re doing right and wrong. This week, the spotlight is shining on our very own Fred Mustacchia. Fred is currently playing in the 2013 Spring League as a forward on Cobra Kai.

AFC: So, Fred, how old are you?

Fred: I’m 38.

AFC: Are you a native Austinite?  If not, where are you from?

Fred: No. I moved here last March from Portland, Oregon.

AFC: How long have you been playing floorball?

Fred: Since March of 2012.

AFC: What kind of stick do you use?

Fred: It’s a 2013 Salming Quest 2 CC 29.

AFC: How did you discover Austin Floorball Club?

Fred: I found the club through doing a Google search for floor hockey. Before we moved here, I really wanted to get involved in floor hockey, but found floorball instead, which I probably like better anyway.

AFC: What made you want to try it out?

Fred: I’ve always wanted to play hockey, but didn’t want to play on skates, so floorball was a perfect option. I tried to learn how to skate many years back, but I discovered that it would take a really long time to learn how to actually skate. Running gets me into the game much quicker and is far more convenient.

AFC: What keeps you coming back?

Fred: Mainly just playing the game itself. I have a love for hockey, so to play a sport similar to it is really fulfilling. I enjoy the competition; it’s fantastic exercise; and the people (except for Bobby) are really great to play with.

AFC: What changes would you make to the club and/or league (if any)?

Fred: It would be to expand the club more. I’d love to see it grow, but that of course requires money to hold events and do marketing. It would be awesome to have a bigger league, but of course that requires more players, which we have gotten lately. However many of them don’t join the league.

AFC: Any thoughts on why they don’t sign up, or how to get them to join the league?

Fred: It’s not like it’s an expensive league. Possibly the schedule doesn’t work. I think we’d need a survey to find out why so few new people sign up for it. I’d like to find out what their barrier to entry is.

I’d like to see more people pitch in to help. I think it would be great if we had volunteers that could maybe hand out materials at [Texas] Stars games, possibly go to local hockey rinks and put up an ad (if they were cool with that), or do something at Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, like host an open pickup day.

This town is probably full of people that would love this sport, but not many know about it. We need to find ways to spread the word using volunteers and the club’s limited budget.

AFC: If you could give one piece of advice to someone trying floorball for the first time, what would it be?

Fred: I’d say to not be intimidated and just try it out. There are all types of players, and everyone is welcome. The club members are very friendly and accepting of all skill levels. I think the hardest part is getting the nerve to show up the first time.

AFC: Tell us one thing about yourself that we may not already know.

Fred: I don’t think everyone knows that I moved here to go to school for game design, which is a decision I made based on putting aside playing music so I could get a career following my other passion besides music, which is gaming.

And that does it for our first AFC Player Spotlight! A big Thank You to Fred for this interview, and good luck next week!