6:30 – White vs. Red


The fight for 3rd place in Winter League was a fierce battle. White jumped out to an early lead and kept playing add-on throughout the first half. At the buzzer, White held a commanding 5-0 lead, and picked up right where they left on the second, tallying less than a minute in to go up by six. Red wasn’t going down without a fight though. They ripped off three goals in a 7 minute stretch to make the score 6-3, but White held on in the end, winning handily 9-4.


Ethan Daum (White) scored five goals and added three assists. Not a bad day at the office!

Guest Goalie Lee Payne (playing for White) snagged a nice assist on a long stretch pass to Ethan on his first goal.

Pavel Dubrovka (pronounced PA-vel) (Red) tallied two goals.

Steve Trobenter (White) scored two goals and also had two assists. He’s no Ethan, but not bad!

7:30 – Blue vs. Cobra Kai


The Winter Season Championship Game lived up to it’s billing as the finale of the 2016 Austin Floorball Club. Both teams had won close games in the semi-finals to secure their spot in the championship. Blue toppled the top seeded Red team 5-3 and Cobra Kai knocked off White 4-2.

The Blue team jumped out to an early lead and built on it, scoring 3 goals in the first half (Adnan Raja from Johan Andersson 17:00, Derek Von Zweck unassisted 14:30, and Derek again, from Blue Captain Mike Beczak 2:30). Cobra Kai cranked up the pressure around the Blue net late in the first, but Blue goalie Brandee Gomez came up big time and again to protect the Blue lead.

Cobra Kai opened the second with a goal (Kyle Teders from CK Captain Mark Raup 19:40). Norm Tran (from Rob Vivirito 14:30) scored to make the game 3-2, then Kyle (from Darren Collishaw 10:00) scored again to tie the game at 3. Less than a minute later, the dastardly Cobra Kai struck again when Kyle (from Toby Collishaw) completed his hat trick and secured the first lead of the game for his team. The Blue team wasn’t done yet, though. Superhero Derek (unassisted 5:22) struck again to tie it up again! A late penalty against Tom Jonsson (Blue) led to an uncomfortable last few minutes for the Blue team, but the Blue penalty kill and Brandee were up to the task.

On to SUDDEN DEATH! Blue killed the last 17 seconds of their penalty with no harm done. Both teams traded attacks as the clock would down to the shootout, but both goalies stood tall until Super Derek broke through and ripped a shot just past a Cobra Kai defender that snuck in top left past a diving Lee Payne (Cobra Kai Goalie) (from Tom Jonsson 57 seconds left). Game Over! Blue wins!


Kyle Teders hat trick was slick, but Derek Von Zweck’s four goals lands him the Championship Game MVP. What does he win? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, other than the adoration of his teammates.

Toby Collishaw, the league’s youngest player by far, snagged another assist. If it were for that jerk Brandee, he would’ve had at least 2 goals this season. Who does she think she is?!

The Blue team hung on and won despite missing 4 subs. That’s pretty impressive!

There were three new players to the league in the Championship game, and could’ve been four if Mitch Richards wasn’t such a vacation taking jerk. That may be some kind of record!

And that’s A Wrap

And that’s the way Winter League and 2016 come to an end for Austin Floorball Club. Thanks everyone for playing, and on behalf of everyone involved in the club, we wish you Happy Holidays and a great New Year. Except for Tomas. he’s the worst.

Your VERY sweaty 2016 Winter League Champs